I am influenced by three contemporary jewelry designers, Heidi Daus, Barbra Bixby and Nicky Buttler.  Yes all three designer are popular on home shopping channels and when my interest in wire wrapping was beginning it was easy to see their work.

I find Heidi Daus' creations versatile and rich in Art Deco Designs.  In Art Deco I see, hear and feel Egypt and it's roots that go to center of the African continent.  From Barbra Bixby and Nicky Buttler I've learned to look to the distant past for inspiration and 
guidance.  I see them as Sankofa.  An Adinkra term from West Africa.  Sankofa means "never be afraid to go back and get what you forgot." 

All three of these popular designers create versatile works that become a wardrobe of adornments.  I have been very inspired by how they extend an investment in personal storytelling.  They extend a wardrobe by making a pendant a pin.  Necklaces and pendants are interchangeable on a metal chain or chain of gemstones.  Wrap a necklace as a bracelet. Or put two bracelets together and create a necklace. As for storytelling being part of Daus, Bixby and Butler's jewelry creations, my thoughts are that what a I wear, especially jewelry is my way of speaking my story. That is what I see in the work of Heidi Daus, Barbra Bixby and Nicky Buttler.  That is what endeavor to create with Spirit Dance Adornments. 

Thank you for joining me in this space.
While you are here, what I hope to share with you my feelings that . . . 

The spirit is liquid, ephemeral gases, and granite,
It’s ice and fire
It knows no boundaries or limitations.
To make it though each day we allow our sprints to be inhibited and aligned with the conventions we commit to,
. . .but there is always that piece . . . that part of who we are that dances with élan,
. . .that dances in a style only we know and to a music only we create and hear

At those times, when you allow your spirit to be displayed, to you . . .to the world
I  hope these adornments will add
. . . a hue, a tone, a tint of color
. . . a spark of light,
. . . a quench of dark,  
. . . a note of harmony,
. . . a moment to display
Your Spirit Dance

Gloria Mushonga-Roberts
Pasadena, CA, USA
This is my interpretation the Adinkra Symbol for "community" - FUNTUNFUNEFU DENKYEMFUNEFU - 2 crocodiles -  one stomach, they must come together to survive
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