Friday, March 2, 2007

The Earth Has Weight. . .

The Earth is where we begin . . .The Earth is were we end. In the Adinkra language system, the earth is the feminine and half of the whole. Combined the Earth and the Heavens are whole.
. . .the earth is where we have weight . . .the heavens are where we can fly. Our bodies endeavor on earth. . .our sprits rest in the sky.
Copper coils embellish the frames and give the earthy weight to this adornment. Rutilated African quartz serve as the balance and anchors in the focal setting of this bracelet. Picture Jasper caught up in a freeform copper setting creates the second element of this piece. The third element is a round slice of batik bone encircle with coiled copper and held in place by tiny cooper beads on one end and fine gage of coiled copper wire on the other end. The hand made free form clasp is also coiled with more copper wire and caught in a handmade copper eye.

All materials in the adornment are what give the earth weight:

Elements used in this adornment:

Jasper: stone of protection, heighten awareness, joy, balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
Crystal Quartz: Intensifies energy, spiritual development, healing, raises consciousness.
Copper: Found in adornments and tools crafted by the ancients the world over, copper has long been a metal of choice. Don’t be afraid of the patina—the green, blue green result of oxidation. Modern snobbery demotes the beauty and practicality of this metal. Those who allow their Sprits to Dance remember. . .and make a choice of copper.
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