Saturday, March 30, 2013


I want to introduce my friend Simbi Kali...artist, photographer, writer, actress, alchemist (  She has just started a new product line "KALI alkemi" that features essential oils, bath salts and fragrances.

Over the years she has gifted me with oils and sprays (for the home) that were just what I need, when I needed my mood altered.

Simbi has been such a support to me...taking  many photos of my jewelry as well as being a patron of my work.   Back in July of 2009 I featured a ring I made for her.  I had one trying time finding Hessonite Garnets.  But it was a pleasure also.

 When Simbi began to coordinate her "looks" for promoting "KALIalkemi" she asked me if I had any pieces that might work with the image she was trying to create.  As we talked a memory was pulled out of the back of my mind of very organic vine like jewelry that I saw and tried to recreate a few years ago.  That night I began to pull out incomplete pieces; a focal of copper and brass that featured a Labradorite briolette, veining earnings and necklace that I had cut up so I could use the beads on another project.   I pick this focal because Labradorite is for me the physical manifestation of the word--alchemy.

I had some quality Critne chips I brought years back from Silver Sky in North Hollywood.  I had organized the Citrine on loops of copper wire by color.  The richest color on one loop, palest on another and all of those in-between on a third wire loop.  When Simbi saw these she automatically put the loops and focal together as if the loops were an element not just a way to organize some of the chaos in my work space.

On the vining side of the adornment I decided that my color pallet would include every copper,  green copper,  gold copper,  cream and clear bead and fresh water pearl I had in my stash.
 The other side of the adornment is hand crocheted to create a soft--yes the metal wire is soft and flexible, as many of you know who crochet or knit with wire.

While Simbi wore the adornment as a head dress it can also be worn as a soon as I add a closing.

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