Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spirit Dance Adornments Exhibited at Alkebulan Pasadena May 11-18, 2016

For me it always begins with the curve...

It's probably because the mountains around Pasadena have always held me close.
When I pick up wire it responds to the warmth in my hands and curves like the mountains around Pasadena. 

Sometimes the curve stays simple...

sometimes it multiples and moves in unpredictable ways. 
Please join us on May 15, 2015 2-5pm at Alkebulan Culture Center.

Painter Jerry Weems will also be featured.  Of his work Weems says, "As an artist I feel that it is incumbent upon me to tell the story of the African-American experience through my paintings; And in so doing I am telling the story of the many unsung heroes who gave their lives because they refused to submit to the whims of the oppressor.

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