Thursday, July 30, 2009


I talked to Gemi Taylor about creating a piece for him using the logo of his company "Guitaurus Music." Gemi plays guitar with Mandrill, has a soon to be released CD on which he is producing and performing and it features the poetry of Maya Angelou.

I started free form wrapping copper on the larger pendent-- 8 1/2" from top to bottom-stop!

Then I tried something a little more stylized, and I wanted to include some significant gems with the copper--turquoise because by this time I had been thinking about the idea of Taurus and steeping the mythology back a culture. Tarsus, Horus--hum! Horus the Egyptian mythical character was married--at one point to Hathor. Now Hathor wore a headdress of horns (bull) with the disk of the sun between the horns.

Okay good size 4". A sun stone at the top of the pendent between the horns. Green turquoise referring back to Egypt, fire agates and reconstituted turquoise detailing the outside of the pendant-stop! What is this I'm not sure. Go back to paper and I have to admit my father's drawing.

Okay, so now I have a template and some raw undrilled turquoise slabs my mother brought from a trip to New Mexico. The finished pendent front and back, 4 1/2." "S" hooks in the horns. Hope you like it Gemi.

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