Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simbi's Ring

This ring was commissioned by Simbi Kali a brilliant comedic actress--3rd Rock from the Sun--and moving dramatic actress--Mississippi Damned--for which I am sure she will generate tremendous acclaim.

I thank Simbi for photographing the ring for me. Simbi is also a photographer who's work goes straight to the soul and is deeply moving. Simbi wore the ring to an opening of her show Fleur's d' Amour. . . take some time and enjoy her images and the music. . .but come back.

I also need to thank my sister, Sharon Terry, for her graphic work on the image to highlight the ring. Her work on that image doesn't begin to tell you about the depth of her talent so just click over to her site and take look. As sisters and artists we have collaborated on a graphic novel "Into Me See"please leave a comment while you are there, it will help develop the upcoming episodes.

Finally a little about the ring. The structure and support of the ring is copper. A small tumbled variegated amethyst is surrounded by tiny amethyst that reflect the color range of the center stone and form the first flower in Simbi's ring. Snuggled next to the amethyst are orange-red hessonite garnets and tourmaline in shades from pink to purple this group of stones echo the flecks of contrasting color in the tumbled amethyst. The orange reds, pinks, and purples form the center of a second flower with petals of citrine. At the end of the citrine petals are pale green Swarowski crystals. At the top of Simbi's bouquet of gemstones and cooper is a tiny cluster of flower buds of tourmaline in shades of yellow, green gold, purple, and dark red.

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